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Why Live Traditional Caricatures?  (Scroll down for gallery and description of services)

  •   Traditional Caricatures Take 5 minutes per person.           

  •   Traditional Caricatures are Entertaining.

  •   Generates buzz for your event.  

  •   Personalized for your guests.     

  •   Perfect for couples.

  •   Perfect for groups.  

  •   Perfect for kids.  

  •   makes the perfect event souvenir.


How do traditional caricatures work ?


Caricatures are a  perfect entertainment choice for occasions such as holiday parties, company picnics, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions, class/family reunions, proms, student lock-ins, graduations, grand openings, open houses, boat charters, trade shows, conventions and of course...YOUR SPECIAL EVENT!


 I prefer to draw onto 12" x 16" sheets of paper using ink and airbrush in black and white offering the option of color to produce vibrant looking caricatures.  I primarily draw ‘front-view' caricatures, drawing the head down to about the shoulders or waist of each customer.  My style is described by clients as "fun and flattering".


What does the artist need ? 


Artist needs two or three chairs: One for the artist and one or two for the individuals being sketched.


Artist will need a space around 6 foot by 6 foot space with access to electrical outlet, adequate lighting and shade if outside.


What does the individual receive ?


Each individual receives a complimentary 12”x16” drawing. As an added bonus to you, I also provide "Drawing Protectors" (a clear, plastic wrap combined with a sturdy sheet of mat board backing) to protect and display their caricatures. 


Black and white sketches are recommended in the interest of time. Color takes longer, however it is an option for an additional hourly fee .


Another option includes the title , company logo, and additional event information printed on each picture. 


How much do digital event caricatures cost ?


Traditional caricature packages start with the hourly rate at a two-hour minimum ( three hour minimum in December ) depending on date/availability. Discounted day rates apply if you’d like to book for six hours or more per day. 


Are traditional event caricatures right for me ?


If you are looking for a fun and entertaining gift created right before your guest's eyes to take home and cherish, then yes,  caricatures would be perfect for you. Traditional caricatures always get amazed reactions, and keep guests talking about your event. 


How can I book the artist ?


Simply fill out the online contact form. You will be contacted to discuss the details and answer any questions you may have. If you decide to book my services, I will send you a contract to be officially booked!



SIZE OF DRAWINGS:  12" x 16"

MEDIA:  Markers (Black & White); Airbrush Acrylic (Color or black and white).

SPEED:  15-20 people per hour in Black & White; 10-12 people per hour in Color.

RATE:  per hour for Black & White per hour for Color.  3 hour minimum)

FREE EXTRAS:  free Drawing Protectors.

OPTIONAL EXTRA for Customized Paper.


Please feel free to contact me with additional questions or concerns about additional details and pricing in the "Contact Artist" button ab.


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