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Why Live Digital Caricatures? (Scroll down for gallery and description of services)


  • Interactive.

  • Generate attention to your space.  

  • Perfect social media marketing tool    

  • Give clients the ultimate freebie.   

  • Your brand promotes itself. 

  • Perpetuate traffic to your space.         

  • Only takes minutes.            

  • Turn prospects into leads.


How do digital caricatures work ?

Digital caricatures are drawn on a digital tablet similar to an iPad. I project the drawing onto a 27″ screen that I provide or directly to your HDTV on site . This allows maximum visibility for your event. 


I print the caricature out in full color on a small mobile printer I provide. I also make the caricatures available to download the next day, so that you attendees can email them around, or use them for their social media avatars.


Digital caricatures take about 7 minutes per person.

What does the artist need ? 


Artist will need a table at least two feet around next to an electrical outlet. Artist provides the screen, a tripod for the drawing tablet, the printer, and all other necessary equipment and supplies.


How much space do you need ?


Artist will need space for a table at least three feet long with an electrical outlet and two chairs.


How will people get their digital copies ?


After the event, usually the same day, Artist will upload all the drawings from the day onto a special client download area. The link location for downloading their digital copy will be printed on each sketch for the the individual to download when they choose.


How much do digital event caricatures cost ?


Digital caricature packages starts at an hourly rate with a three-hour minimum. Discounted  and day rates apply if you’d like to book for six hours or more per day. The rate includes full color caricatures, your company or event logo printed on each picture in full color, on-the-spot color printing, and free digital downloads.


Are digital event caricatures right for me ?


If you are looking for a big “WOW” factor and want to give your guests something unique, new and modern, digital caricatures would be perfect for you. Digital caricatures always get amazed reactions, generate buzz through social media, and keep clients talking about your services and event.


SERVICE AREA:  Texas but will travel.

SIZE OF DRAWINGS:  4x6"  - 8x10"

MEDIA:  Large Pressure Sensitive Digital tablet. 

SPEED:  Up to 10  people per hour in Color.

RATES:  contact artist for details

FREE EXTRAS:  digital print and complimentary protective bags 

OPTIONAL EXTRA: wearable lanyards

Please feel free to contact me with additional questions or concerns about additional details and pricing in the "Contact Artist "  tab or click the "Contact Artist" button above.


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