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Why Caricatures from photos? (Scroll down for gallery and description of services)

  • Caricatures are perfect for social media.

  • Caricatures make great gifts.

  • Caricatures are rendered digitally.

  • Caricatures are unique.  

  • Caricatures are more fun than photos.  

  • Caricatures can be printed or posted.

  • Caricatures are tailored for everyone.  

  • Caricatures make people smile.  

  • Caricatures are memorable and cherished.


Who can you draw ? 


 Just about anyone ( with good photo reference ).


What do you need to get started ?


1. Clear, frontal images of the individual smiling. I can use several pictures that show me different elements you want to combine to create the subject as you want them to look in the drawing, but I am at the mercy of the photos I am given. 


2. The individuals self-described eye color ( if hazel indicate blue-green or brown-green ).


3. A brief description of the background ( if simple, indicate color of background, if complicated, list 3 background elements you want incorporated into the final sketch.


4. Please include any text you want included on the caricature: name, date, title, etc.


Can you draw a group from several individual photos ?


Yes. I can draw groups, teams, or office staff caricatures as a whole from individual photos.


How many people can you draw in one caricature ?


Two, three , four, sometimes as many as 40 or 50 !  Office Staffs, Teams, Classes and Families are all perfect for digital caricatures! 


Can you choose a background ?


Yes, ideally, a simple background works just fine, but detailed backgrounds and themes are all possible . 


What is the typical turnaround on a digital caricature from a photo ?


Depending on the logistics of the sketch, like drawing a large group in a themed background versus drawing  an individual , typically 7-10 days . Rush orders are possible. Please contact for details.


What are the advantages of a digital caricature from a photo ? 


They are awesome gifts! You can print , post to social media, or use as your Profile pic or avatar! The possibilities are endless!


Is the price the same for groups ?


The price of the sketch depends on whether it is black and white or color, amount of people, and if it includes a simple or complex background. Please contact for details.


What do I receive ? 


Upon completion of the sketch, I email you or your printer the hi-res digital copy for printing. Post it to or email it to friends and family.


Digital caricatures from photos are not typical quick sketches- these take time and effort. Please inquire about details and pricing by clicking on the "Contact artist" button above.



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